The “life changing” furnace!

December 14, 2011

We often talk with customers about which furnace is the quietest, the most comfortable, and so on and so on. But, when you hear everyday how one particular furnace & experience is changing peoples lives & way of living; I find it best to share with everyone. Here is a testmonial I recieved from a customer in Indianapolis on the Lennox SLP98v furnace & Control Tech’s service.


Last month, Control Tech installed a new gas furnace in my home. During the course of the transaction, I was in contact with you, the office staff, service technicians and installers. I found all of you to be knowledgeable, professional, efficient and courteous. In particular, I appreciate the personal attention I received.

The Lennox SLP98v is so quiet, you can hardly hear it running and my sleep has improved because I’m no longer awakened by the sound of the furnace coming on and that first blast of cold air. Heating throughout the house is more uniform and the hot and cold “pockets” are gone.

I’m very pleased with the product and Control Tech and will be recommending both. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and I thank you.


Terry K. (Indianapolis, IN)


When I arrived to his home (before we began looking at options) he said “I’ve been on Lennox’s website, and I want the SLP98v.” I still gave three options as we always do; and he was still set on the SLP98v. I told him he wouldn’t regret this choice. Not only do we install quality equipment; we employ quality technicians to make sure all of the “fine tuning” is given special attention. He also stated, when we were talking at his home, that he loves how the temperature is even throughout the home. With his old furnace, he used to have to turn the thermostat up to keep the bedroom warm, but the rest of the home would be extremely hot. Now, with the variable speed blower motor, the temperature is consistant throughout.

If you would like more information; please contact me.

Clay Winters (@ControlTechClay)
Design Technician
Control Tech Heating & Air Conditioning
Zionsville, IN