About Us

Quality and Personal Service…

That is what you can expect from Control Tech Heating and Air Conditioning.  Every day, from every employee, for each and every customer.

When I started in business in 1983, it was my goal to provide each customer in central Indiana unsurpassed quality and the highest value in installation and service.  Each preformed timely and safely by knowledgeable professionals ensuring full customer satisfaction.

We have grown from one man working out of a truck to a fully staffed business.  We currently have a Service Manager, Production Manager, over 30 employees, and a fleet of well stocked service vehicles.

We are Family Owned and Operated.  We do not use subcontractors.

We offer you some of the most reliable and efficient equipment available anywhere …from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

So who benefits from all of this?  You do… “The customer” and that’s why we give you what every customer expects… great customer service!!!

Whether you need routine service, an emergency repair, replacement equipment or a complete comfort system, you can count on us.  You are a valued customer.  We care, we listen and we know what it takes.  We strive every day to improve our service to you.


Alan Winters, President

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