What is Variable Speed?

We often get the question “Why should I go with a variable speed blower motor over a standard single speed blower motor like the one I currently have?”… The answer is simple; more energy-efficient (uses 10 times less energy than your current single-speed motor), helps with uneven temperatures, better air filtration & dehumidification, & is much quieter!

Instead of the temperature spikes you would see from your current system (when in “Auto” mode – or like driving a car in the city… start stop, start stop… etc) you see a more consistent temperature because the system is constantly moving the air. Your current system will call for heat; the furnace will warm up, the fan will come on; it will heat until it satisfies the thermostat, then the heat shuts off; and the fan will continue to run until the system has cooled down. When it kicks back on; you typically notice a cold blast of air.

With a variable speed blower motor, it will constantly be moving the air, so you won’t have to worry about those cold blasts when it kicks on. It’s a much more comfortable solution for your home and people who don’t have it; just don’t know what they’re missing until they have it! Plus, when you run the variable speed blower motor continuously; it’s easier on the motor. It’s like a car with 100,000 highway miles (variable speed motor) VS a car with 100,000 city miles (single-speed motor). The car with 100,000 highway miles is going to be in much better shape than the car with 100,000 city miles that has been driven hard.

If you would like more info; please give us a call at 317-873-3737 or send me a Tweet @ControlTechClay

-Clay Winters
Design Technician
Control Tech Heating & Air Conditioning
Zionsville, IN


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