It’s so humid in here!

It’s that time of year when we start getting calls about the home feeling clammy, yet the air conditioning is working fine. People start spening all kinds of money on portable dehumidifiers in the local big box stores. The problem is; they usually only take care of a small area or room in the home. What if you could dehumify your entire home for a fraction of the cost that it would cost to buy a bunch of portable dehumidifiers?

We provide several options for dehumidification; most of which can be installed directly into your duct system to dehumidify the entire home. Otherwise, some of the units can be used as a stand alone and remove up to 135 pints per day which is 50% more water per kilowatt hour than the leading portable dehumidifiers!

There are several ways to help dehumidify your home by simply installing the proper furnace and air conditioner when it comes time to replace them. The first item that will help reduce the humidity in your home is a variable speed blower on your new furnace. First off, when the fan runs at a lower speed, it has a better chance to pull moisture out of the air since it is moving the air at a slower speed. Plus, the longer the system runs, the more moisture is removed. Second, a variable speed blower only uses as much energy as a 75 watt light bulb to run, while a traditional “single speed” blower uses 700-750 watts to run; so there is huge energy savings! Lastly, with a variable speed blower, it does a better job of filtering the air since the particles are constantly moving at a slower speed the filter is able to catch more of the particles and dust; which can dramatically improve the indoor air quality in your home.

When you are looking at getting a new air conditioning system; consider what is called a “2-stage” air conditioner. It’s like having two systems in one! These air conditioners will run at 67% of it’s full capacity 80-85% of the time when you need cooling, but the temperature outside is moderate. Then, it can run at 100% of capacity on those “hottest” days of the year. The great thing is, when it runs in the lower stage; it only consumes 1400 watts of electricity. In comparison, it’s like running a hair dryer. When it has to run at 100% of capacity on those hot days; it consumes approximately 2200 watts of electricity. Keeping in mind, a typical “single-stage” air conditioner runs at approximately 2200 watts all the time.

The bottom line is, the slower we move the air, the better the dehumidification. Also, the more efficient your system is, the more money in your pocket!

Call Control Tech today with any questions or interest in a dehumidication system or a new high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system! 317-873-3737


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