Free Energy!

Where would you keep your thermostat if the utility companies decided not to bill you this year?

If you are like me, you’d probably keep it a bit warmer over the winter and a bit cooler over the summer. You and your family might take longer showers. You might get a garage heater, or a snow melt system for the driveway and the porch. You might not be so concerned if the kids leave the lights on or come in and out the door all day.

Have you or anyone you know ever gone on a stay-cation lately due to high gas prices?

Energy cost can have a dramatic effect on our lifestyles and habits. That is one of the great hidden benefits of a high efficient comfort system. Geothermal & solar offer extreme reductions in the amout of energy it takes to heat and cool your home and provide hot water. So extreme in fact that you can change your habits and still see huge reductions in the monthly bills. For the more conventional person, gas furnaces come in efficiencies up to 98%. Compare that to the old 80% furnace in most peoples homes and you can keep it warmer and still save. Heat pumps and air conditioners are the exact same way. You and your family can be more comfortable and keep a bit of your hard earned dollars in your pocket instead of the utility company’s.

 You can also make a difference to the planet. Installing a geothermal system in a 2,000 square foot home is the equivalent of planting about 20 trees per year; reducing your carbon footprint. You might not get a Nobel prize but I think we would all like to be good stewards of our Earth.

Many people will have to replace thier air conditioners this summer due to failure. That is an obvious opportunity to investigate a high efficient comfort system. I will be out there to replace your air conditioner and get you cool, but I will also want to tell you how much more comfortable you can be with a high efficient system. Even if your current system is not that old, you can see how much you’ll save with our new energy savinigs calculator below.

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